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At Shankar.sg , we understand the intricacies of the legal landscape in Singapore. As a seasoned Lawyer, Shankar is committed to providing expert guidance and unwavering support to individuals facing diverse legal challenges. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of criminal law, seeking resolution in personal injury matters, or requiring assistance in family law issues, Shankar.sg is your dedicated ally.

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Our personalized approach, legal expertise, and client-centric focus set us apart. Explore the comprehensive legal services we offer and embark on your legal journey with confidence. Your story is unique, and at Shankar.sg , we are here to help you navigate it with clarity and resolve.

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The Legal Team

Our team is well equipped with the right knowledge, expertise and connections to gain you the justice you have long strived to gain. 

Sharanjit Kaur


Sharanjit has a keen focus on all aspects of family, relationship and insurance laws.

Eric Liew


Eric consistently represents clients in numerous aspects of criminal law.

Wendy Wang


Wendy is strongly connected to law firms all over China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and more.

Audrey Koo


Audrey handles dispute resolution cases involving commercial and contractual disputes, employment disputes and more.