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With over 25 years of experience in the legal field, Shankar has all the knowledge and expertise to assist you in matters especially pertaining to Medical Negligence, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Corporate matters such as Shareholders Disputes, Bankruptcy and Corporate Liquidation, Contractual Disputes as well as Airline Injuries (Aviation Law).

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Successful Cases

We pride ourselves in seeking justice for our clients even when other law firms have given up or thrown their hands up in defeat. We step forward and help you figure out a path towards victory. 

CASE: 26577-B

Successful Payout Made Against A Large National Entity

shankar singapore lawyer med neg claim

CASE: 26577-B

Successful Payout Made Against A Large National Entity

This client had suffered after undergoing treatments which were not in line with best practices. Many law firms turned her away, citing the toughness of the case, the uphill battle which had to be undertaken, made many firms shy away. 

The client had nearly lost hope of justice. Until, she discovered Shankar online through a dedicated search on Google. 

Today, after a journey that lasted many months, this client, had a successful payout from the large national entity. This is her in the photo on the left. 


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The Legal Team

Our team is well equipped with the right knowledge, expertise and connections to gain you the justice you have long strived to gain. 

Eric Liew


Eric consistently represents clients in numerous aspects of criminal law. As well as divorce cases for both domestic and international clients.

Wendy Wang


Wendy is strongly connected to law firms all over China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and more.

Audrey Koo


Audrey handles dispute resolution cases involving commercial and contractual disputes, employment disputes and more, including criminal defense. 

Cornelius Sng


One of his areas of specialization is Probate/Administration proceedings and he has handled probate matters with Estate assets worth millions of dollars both locally and internationally. Other areas of practice include Probate and letters of administration (domestic/international).

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Below you’ll find images of our office, conveniently located in a central and easily accessible part of Singapore, at the doorstep of Bencoolen MRT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our lawyers are highly experienced and have seen many types of cases over the years. Chances are your legal question can be easily handled by our veteran legal team.

We would need to be able to properly assess your case before we map out a plan to assist you. The best way to start is to get in touch with us, so that we can hear your side of the story. 

Some cases take a few days to be resolved, others take weeks, and yet other cases may take several months to years. 

It depends on the complexity of your legal issue. The best ways to move forward to get help is to reach out to us.

Clients often want to know about a firm’s track record and success rate. However, cases are highly confidential. We can however, guide you to understand our capabilities and what we can help you with, as long as we know the full details of your legal issue. 

Clients usually want to know which lawyer/lawyers will be responsible for their case and their experience level. Rest assured that the lawyers who work on your case will have the utmost experience and knowledge to navigate your case to the best possible outcome.

Understanding how a law firm charges for their services is crucial. You may inquire about our hourly rates, contingency fees, retainer fees, or any potential costs during your initial consultation.